Navigating Risk: A Closer Look at Yavapai County’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods!


Yavapai County in Arizona, known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, presents a contrasting picture when it comes to safety across its neighborhoods. Recent data reveals significant disparities in crime rates, highlighting areas that pose increased risks for residents and visitors alike.

Prescott stands out with a violent crime rate of 488.8 per 100,000 residents, significantly higher than the county’s average. Its property crime rate is also alarming, at 1,562.3 per 100,000, painting a picture of a city grappling with safety challenges.

Cottonwood follows, with a violent crime rate of 364.9 and a staggering property crime rate of 3,422.3 per 100,000 residents. These figures starkly exceed the county averages, underscoring the severity of the situation in this city.

Chino Valley and Jerome also report high crime rates, with violent crimes surpassing the county average by over 14 and 10 times, respectively. Jerome’s property crime rate is particularly concerning, standing at 4,139.4 per 100,000 residents.

Clarkdale, though relatively less affected, still experiences a violent crime rate more than triple the county average and a significant property crime rate of 992.3.

These statistics serve as a crucial reminder of the varying levels of safety within Yavapai County. While the county as a whole may be safer compared to other parts of Arizona, the disparities in crime rates across its neighborhoods necessitate vigilance and awareness. Residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution and remain informed about the areas they visit, especially in neighborhoods with higher reported crime rates.

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