Navigating the New Frontier: Cybersecurity in the Age of API Proliferation!


Cybersecdn- In this interview with Help Net Security, CEO of Treblle Vedran Cindric talks about how AI-related APIs are growing very quickly. He says that in 2023, the number of these APIs will have grown by 96%. In this talk, he talks about how important APIs are for AI interactions and shows how users can connect with AI-based apps and tools.

As AI becomes more common in technology, Cindric thinks it will have a big effect on how APIs change over time. He points out how important API security, authentication, and the problems caused by zombie endpoints are becoming.

Your Most Recent Study Says that Ai-Related Ap Is Will Grow by 96% by 2023. In your Opinion, What Are the Main Reasons for This Big Rise?

The rise of AI-related APIs is easy to understand: almost all interactions with AI are built on APIs. In other words, each time you type something into an AI-based app, you send an API request. All of those questions, picture searches, and jokes are just API requests, even if you can’t see or understand them.

Since AI-based and AI-assisted tools have become more popular recently, the number of APIs needed to run them has also grown. In the past few years, APIs have grown at a CAGR of 25%. In 2023, AI caused that growth to double. There will be more API growth in 2024, and we think it will be driven by AI-based APIs.

Since most coders use APIs, how do you think their role will change in the future, and how will that affect security?
In the modern world, APIs are already essential to every business, and that will become even more clear in the future.

We think that more and more APIs will be built and used as businesses try to change their digital businesses and move into the API market. We can see this is especially true when we look at some of the tech trends going on right now. For VR/AR glasses, portable tech, and voice-controlled tech to work, they all need APIs.

As more people use gadgets without browsers, APIs will become more important. With all this growth and development, there are more APIs, requests, and security issues to deal with. The hardest thing about API security is that most of the time, companies don’t know when hackers are using their APIs because they can’t see API data in real time. That’s why tools, which let you do that, will become even more important.

The Data Shows a High Prevalence of Zombie Endpoints in Ap Is. What Are the Implications of This for API Efficiency and Security?

A lot of organizations have “zombie endpoints” because they can’t see details about how their customers use their APIs. Even more so, zombie endpoints are risky because they are often not managed and can be hacked or leak data.

Cybersecurity challenges

Hackers can quickly tell which endpoints are up to date and which ones aren’t, especially if the API data is open to the public. This has very bad effects on businesses. Along with security issues, dead or “zombie” URLs cause code-based issues because they use old code that hasn’t been updated in a while.

Given that 51% of Requests Did Not Use Any Form of Authentication, What Are Your Recommendations for Enhancing Api Security?

The most basic way to protect APIs is through authentication. Every company should make it a goal to add authentication of some kind as soon as possible. Anything you use for authentication is better than nothing, and it doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time. Think about it this way: you must have a house, an apartment, or an office building.

No one should be able to just walk into your home, apartment, or office building because those things have doors with keys that guard them. For the same reason, you should have a key that lets you decide who can access your APIs, when, and how.

Since the Study Says that Client-Side Errors Happen a Lot, What Tips Do You Have for People Who Use AP Is?

People should read the instructions carefully. That’s the most important thing I can tell them. Most problems on the client side happen because developers forget to authorize and call services or URLs that don’t exist. It’s easy to fix both of these issues by reading the documentation carefully, using test-driven development, and making sure that tools are available before calling them.

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How Do You Think the Role of API Control and Observability Tools Will Change as Ap Is Become More Complicated?

Observability and control of APIs will become important tools for any company that builds APIs. You need to know how your customers use APIs and how your tech teams build them if you want to build a business around them. Sites use tools like Google Analytics, and you’ll need the same for your APIs, especially as they get more involved.

Can You Talk About the Challenges and Chances that Will Come up In the Future with Managing and Integrating Ap Is as Technology Changes?

A lot of businesses still don’t know what their API plan is or how to use APIs to make money. That’s the main problem most businesses are having right now.

After that, it’s all about execution. To move from one part of the API lifecycle to the next, you need good tools to help you do it. APIs are not going away. In the future, they will only become more important and difficult to use.

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