NYC Alert: President Biden’s Broken Border Has Migrant Criminal Gangs Raging!


CybersecdnIn recent months, the consequences of President Biden’s border policies have become increasingly evident, with migrant criminal gangs wreaking havoc in New York City. A House Population Health subcommittee meeting on Tuesday underscored the urgency of the situation, revealing the failure of a bill that would have provided abortion exceptions in cases of rape and incest, as well as in cases of medical emergencies.

Sponsored by Rep. Yusuf Hakeem and Sen. London Lamar, House Bill 1884/Senate Bill 1826 aimed to expand exceptions to Tennessee’s stringent abortion ban. However, the bill was rejected, echoing similar outcomes from the previous year. The refusal to consider exceptions for rape and incest provoked emotional responses from both sides, highlighting the deeply divisive nature of the issue.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Zachary’s proposed “abortion trafficking” bill, HB1895, which criminalizes adults facilitating minors’ out-of-state abortions, faced strong opposition and was deferred to the next committee meeting. The contentious debate surrounding abortion legislation reflects broader ideological clashes within the political landscape.

However, amidst these deliberations, a more immediate crisis has emerged on New York’s streets. A surge in criminal activity attributed to migrant gangs has escalated concerns among residents and officials alike. Reports indicate that a moped-riding gang, predominantly comprised of recent migrants, has been responsible for a spate of crimes since November, including thefts of cellphones and financial information, resulting in losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The brazenness of their actions was exemplified by a recent incident where a gang member dragged a 62-year-old woman down the street while stealing her purse. The apprehension of two gang members led to the identification of Victor Parra, a 30-year-old Venezuelan migrant, as the alleged ringleader. Despite efforts to curb their activities, the authorities anticipate further arrests as they continue to dismantle the criminal network.

NYC Alert: President Biden’s Broken Border Has Migrant Criminal Gangs Raging!

The escalation of migrant gang activity coincides with broader concerns about the ramifications of lax border policies. Critics argue that President Biden’s lenient approach to immigration has facilitated the influx of criminal elements, exacerbating public safety challenges in cities like New York. Moreover, the leniency of the criminal justice system, characterized by bail-free releases and minimal repercussions for offenders, has emboldened criminal behavior.

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As New York grapples with the convergence of immigration and public safety issues, calls for comprehensive immigration reform and stricter enforcement measures are intensifying. The current situation underscores the need for a balanced approach that prioritizes both border security and humanitarian considerations, while also addressing the root causes driving migration and criminality.

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