NYC Bus Attack: Mother Assaulted, Blames City Leadership!


CybersecdnA harrowing incident unfolded on a crowded MTA bus in New York City, as a Bronx mother of two, Stephanie Aquino, found herself subjected to a terrifying assault. The 33-year-old was groped and subsequently slashed by an unhinged assailant during rush hour, prompting her to call out President Biden and Mayor Eric Adams for what she perceives as a loss of control in the city.

Aquino recounted her ordeal, expressing her fear and desperation as she prayed to see her children again while enduring the attack. The incident occurred around 5:15 p.m. on a Friday, as Aquino was heading home on the Bx2 bus.

Initially, the perpetrator mumbled nonsense before touching her inappropriately. Despite her attempt to alert the driver, the situation escalated rapidly, with the assailant becoming increasingly aggressive. Aquino’s faith and concern for her children motivated her to fight back, although she ultimately sustained injuries, including slashes to her face and body.

NYC Bus Attack: Mother Assaulted, Blames City Leadership!

Despite her pleas for help, Aquino received no assistance from fellow passengers. The attacker managed to flee the scene, leaving Aquino with lingering physical and emotional pain. In the aftermath, Aquino emphasized the need for greater security measures in New York City, particularly within the transit system. She criticized the perceived decline in safety, attributing it to various factors including the expiration of federal unemployment benefits and the state’s bail reform laws.

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The NYPD has released a photo of the suspect, described as a man between 25 and 30 years old, with a slim build. Aquino’s traumatic experience highlights the urgency of addressing safety concerns and restoring a sense of security in the city.

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