NYC’s $18K Search: Pet Detective Hired for Beloved Missing Dog!


Cybersecdn- Shai Meged loves her three-year-old dog Rosie more than anything else in the world. So when the worried dog owner from Manhattan got the shocking call on November 25 that her mini Goldendoodle had been lost in Central Park by a pet sitter, she quickly got a lot of money to help find the lost fur ball.

A sad Meged, 34, told The Post, “We’ve raised over $18,000 on GoFundMe and a ton of community support to bring Rosie home.” A friend started the millennial’s crowdsourcing page on December 5, and it has already raised an amazing $18,693 of its $20,000 goal to pay for pet detective services.

There are generous animal lovers with extra money who are eager to help fund the hunt. One “UES dog mom” gave $20, and a “praying” dog fan from Cincinnati, Ohio, gave $40.

Meged, a qualified child exploitation therapist, said, “Out of the donations, $6,000 will go toward a reward for anyone who brings Rosie back.” “Mostly, though, the money raised will help pay for the $300-a-day dog investigator I hired right away to help me find her.”

Over the past six weeks, Meged has racked up a bill worth about $13,000 to keep the puppy P.I.’s professional services. And while the job title “dog investigator” might make you think of Comedian Jim Carey as “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” searching the streets of New York City for lost dogs, the Jim Meged called to help her find Rosie is not a joke.

“I set up hunting cameras, feeding stations, and moral traps to find lost dogs all over the city,” Brooklyn-based intuitive pet tracker Jim Tierney told The Post.

Like other dog detectives, he often uses dog-friendly treats like roasted chickens or bites that smell like smoke to get lost dogs to the recording devices that he puts down near where they were last seen. Once the dog is caught on camera, Tierney—who has found dozens of dogs since becoming a trained Missing Animal Response Technician in 2020—will either tell the dog’s owner right away to get it back or go get it himself.

Even though time is of importance when hunting pets—domesticated mutts have been found alone in the woods for up to six years—Tierney says his dedication knows no bounds. “I never give up,” the teacher said. “I get them if they’re out there.”

He looked for Rosie with all his might 24 hours after Meged was told she was lost. The Manhattanite was stuck on a ship in the Caribbean when her dog sitter admitted that she had let the dog run free in the park.

At the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, Meged took Rosie home when she was 8 weeks old to have someone to talk to. “I immediately went numb,” she remembered. The two people who used to be together fell in love at first sight. “I felt sick to my stomach,” Meged said. “I was in the middle of the ocean, with no way to rescue myself.

The brunette got off the ship in the Dominican Republic and took the first trip back to New York City. She ran as fast as she could to the entrance to Central Park at 76th Street and Fifth Avenue, where the babysitter had last seen Rosie. There she looked for her little pink-nosed girl.

The weather was bad and it was late at night, but Meged didn’t care. “That’s not my dog; that’s my daughter. I won’t be whole again until she gets home.” Since Rosie went missing a week ago, her Upper East Side neighbors have worked together, both online and in person, to find the dog mom and her puppy.

She said, “It’s been amazing to see people from my neighborhood and all over New York give their time, money, and efforts to help fund Rosie.” “Elsewhere more than fifty strangers have joined our search parties. Every week we hang flyers around the park.” Word is also getting out through Facebook groups like “Dogs of Upper East Side” and “Upper East Side Connections,” as well as through social media stars.

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Chanelle Futrell, a content creator from New York City, told her more than 349,000 TikTok fans in a trending post to keep a close eye out for Rosie. Meged is thankful that people in Gotham have helped her with both money and emotions. She told The Post, “If I could say one thing to Rosie right now, it would be, ‘Come home, the lights are on for you.'”

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