Ohio’s Bold Plan: Paying Students to Attend School!


Cybersecdn- Some kids should get paid to come to class. Both Republicans and Democrats in Ohio agree with this. Representatives Bill Seitz (R-Green Twp.) and Dani Isaacsohn (D-Cincinnati) proposed a bill that would set up a pilot program to give kids in kindergarten through ninth grade cash rewards for going to school. They say that it is better to pay for good attendance now than to have to pay for it later.

Many Ohio kids miss at least 10% of their school days. Isaacsohn told my coworker Laura Bischoff, “It’s about getting back to the habit of going to school every day.”

Districts could apply to the suggested program to help schools with high rates of chronic absenteeism. The state has to pick at least one area that is urban and one that is rural. For kids who go to school 90% of the time or more, districts would try three different payment plans: $25 every two weeks, $150 every three months, and $500 at the end of the school year.

Paying Students to Attend School

The kids in kindergarten through ninth grade would be split in half. Half of them would get money, and the other half would be in a control group that doesn’t. Hey kids, I’m sorry. Explore the bill further by clicking here. Its first hearing took place on Tuesday. The good things about Sam Randazzo are frozen, like the weather this week.

In the House Bill 6 affair, the former head of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is accused of taking a bribe from FirstEnergy worth $4.3 million. Before being charged last month, Attorney General Dave Yost filed a lawsuit against Randazzo and attempted to stop him from selling property or other assets.

The judge in Franklin County agreed with Yost, but Randazzo’s lawyer disagreed and took the case to an appeals court, which found in Randazzo’s favor. His funds will be frozen, the Ohio Supreme Court said on Tuesday.

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In a statement, Yost said, “We are pleased that the court recognized that Mr. Randazzo cannot spend all of his bribe money and become immune to being judged.” Find out what’s new with Randazzo’s criminal and civil issues here.

Vivek Ramaswamy, an Ohioan, is no longer running for president. After coming in fourth in the Iowa Caucuses, Vivek Ramaswamy, who is from Ohio, ended his bid for president on Monday night.

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From the start, the entrepreneur from the Cincinnati area and the suburbs of Columbus was seen as a long shot. Still, he got respect from people all over the country for his policy ideas and his willingness to believe in conspiracy theories. He was also a controversial figure in debates because he made his opponents mad.

What do we do next? We don’t know what Ramaswamy will do next, but a spokesperson said, “If you know Vivek, you know it will be big whatever it is.” He said Monday that he was open to a different job, even the vice president.

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