One County in Texas Has More Weed Smokers than Any Other in America!


Tumbleweeds dance with dust devils in the middle of Texas, and longhorns graze under endless skies. A quiet change is taking place there. It smokes more weed than any other country in the United States. Culberson County is a sun-drenched area of rough desert and sparse ranchland.

In a country known for cowboy boots and strong morals, this may seem like an odd turn of events. But deep below this dusty area, there is a lively basement that is powered by the green rush of cannabis. In a state like Texas that is still firmly against drugs, Culberson stands out as an example of tolerance in a sea of strict drug rules.

A clear picture of Culberson’s good life can be seen in the numbers. The amount of weed used per person in the county is a huge amount higher than the national average. People in Texas smoke about half as much as people in the rest of the country, but people in Culberson smoke more than three times as much. This means that almost one in four people in the county use cannabis, making it the clear weed capital of America.

Texas County Smokes

But who are these Texans who are going so high? When you walk into a dispensary in Van Horn, the county seat, which is softly lit, the air is filled with a calm energy. Sarah smiles warmly. She used to be a waitress and now works as a budtender. “It’s like a secret that everyone knows,” she says. “Out here, people have always dealt with their trouble and stress.” “Cannabis can be more helpful than anything else.”

Rancher Tom is leaning against his truck across the street, and the setting sun is making his face look brown. “I don’t smoke myself,” he says, “but I can see how it would help my friends.” It calms you down, eases your pain, and brings people together. There are a lot of different reasons why Culberson drinks a lot. They show how personal needs, cultural acceptance, and maybe even rebellion against state prohibition are all intertwined.

This green wave seems to be caused by several things. The county’s demographics are important: the typical age is over 50, which puts a lot of people in the age group that uses cannabis the most across the country.

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The local society, which values independence and individual freedom, also makes it easier for people to accept different ways of doing things. Finally, the fact that Culberson is close to Mexico, where both medical and recreational cannabis use is allowed, probably makes the drug easier to get.

Texas County Smokes More Weed

It’s not all easy living this high life, though. The legal gray area around cannabis in Texas makes things uncertain for both residents and companies. Dispensaries are in a dangerous state because they don’t know what will happen in the future and could face legal consequences. The state’s strict drug laws, on the other hand, cast a cloud over the county and threatened the cannabis trade’s economic boom.

It’s also important to think about how Culberson’s green movement might have affected society. Even though crime rates haven’t gone up, the effects on health results and how people in the community feel about cannabis use are still being felt. The experiment that is happening in Culberson gives us a good look at how legalizing weed might affect society and the economy as a whole.

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Looking ahead, it’s still not clear what will happen with Culberson’s green rush. A lot depends on whether or not marijuana will be legalized across the country. This could create a profitable market and make rules clearer.

As long as the federal government doesn’t change anything, though, Culberson’s story is still a powerful example for other towns that want to legalize cannabis. There are important lessons to be learned about how to deal with complicated laws, social issues, and the economic possibilities of this controversial plant.

As the sun goes down and casts long shadows across the vast desert, one question stays with me: is Culberson a sign of a better future for Texas, or is it just one of many places where drugs are illegal? Who will win the quiet change in Culberson County? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: more people should know about it.

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