Dominion’s Plan to Raise Natural Gas Rates Was Not Well Accepted!


CybersecdnResidents of Ohio, particularly those in Trumbull County, are expressing discontent over Dominion’s proposed natural gas rate increase. The company is seeking approval from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) for a substantial hike in fixed charges, which has stirred frustration among consumers.

During a meeting hosted by the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, concerns were raised regarding the potential financial burden on households. The proposed 30% increase in fixed charges could result in an additional cost of over $100 per year for the average residential consumer in Ohio. Moreover, add-on charges are expected to escalate from $8.78 per month this year to $29.69 by 2032.

Individuals like Abigail Bickerstaff from Niles expressed the sentiment shared by many, emphasizing the financial strain this increase would impose. With stagnant incomes and rising expenses, residents, particularly young adults juggling multiple jobs, fear the economic repercussions.

Dominion's Plan to Raise Natural Gas Rates Was Not Well Accepted

While Dominion argues that the rate increase is necessary to cover infrastructure investments totaling over $4 billion made over the past 16 years, consumers remain unconvinced. The last rate increase from Dominion dates back to 2007, further fueling skepticism about the necessity of the proposed hike.

Local authorities, including members of the Warren city council, echo the concerns of residents, emphasizing the adverse impact on vulnerable groups like senior citizens. The sentiment against the proposed 30% increase is palpable, reflecting a widespread opposition to the measure.

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Despite Dominion’s assurances of providing assistance and affordable payment plans, the looming prospect of higher utility bills raises apprehensions about financial stability for many households. As the PUCO deliberates on Dominion’s proposal, the outcome remains uncertain, leaving consumers anxiously awaiting a decision that will significantly impact their household budgets.

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