Person Accused and Charged Following Deadly Altercation That Led to a Man’s Death by SEPTA Train in University City!


Cybersecdn- A fight at a SEPTA station in Philadelphia’s University City neighborhood sent one person to the tracks, where they were hit and killed by a train. A man has been charged in this case. Chaz Wearing, 40, is being held and charged with involuntary manslaughter by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Wearing does not have a fixed home.

The charges could change if the police find out more information, the district attorney’s office said Friday. Wearing is wanted for a case of choking in Delaware County. The district attorney’s office said that he has a criminal record in other Pennsylvania counties as well, such as Clinton County and Lycoming County.

“Neither of the people involved was using the system for what it was designed for,” said Chuck Lawson, chief of police for SEPTA. The terrible event took place at the 34th Street Station around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. A video that has been shared on social media shows two men fighting. The police say they are looking at the film as part of their investigation.

In one scene, one of the guys punches the other, making him fall onto the tracks. A short time later, a Market-Frankford Line train hits the man and kills him. SEPTA told Action News that the man who was caught on film punching was arrested at 40th and Market streets. The man has since been identified as Wearing.

Person Accused and Charged Following Deadly Altercation

“We know this criminal from before.” We know him from other places, and he has a long past of crime. In this case, we had never really talked to the victim before. “But he also had a long history of crime,” Lawson said. No one has been named as the person who was killed.

“There were police at the station at the time.” So quickly did this happen that they had just left the station, Lawson said. Riders say that there is ongoing fighting on the transit system.

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Jen McCray from Upper Darby said, “It’s not too surprising.” “It’s gone up a lot in the last few years, especially since the pandemic.” I believe that there should be more cops present to keep the crowd and violence in check. SEPTA said it is working on a plan to help people who don’t have a place to live who use its system, but legally it can’t do much more.

“It’s hard to get those people to cooperate, and right now neither the transit police nor SEPTA as a whole can solve these issues on their own.” The boy said, “We need help.” The police are still looking into what caused the fight. Anyone who knows anything about what happened should call the cops.

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