Police report that a guy in Florida was shot by his mother-in-law following the birth of his son


According to an arrest complaint, a Florida mother shot her son-in-law the day after the birth of his son and her new grandchild.

69-year-old Sally Conley is accused of trying to kill someone.

Speaking with investigators from the Delray Beach Police Department, Richard Keating clarified that, in accordance with the probable cause affidavit against her, his mother-in-law, Conley, was watching his three-year-old daughter while his wife was in the hospital following the delivery of their son the previous day.

Keating informed them that he had made plans with Conley to take up his daughter’s care on Sunday. Keating was reportedly asked, “Did you see the rainbow?” by Conley, who was waiting outside his front door when he arrived home to pick up his kid.

Keating went on, “Conley fired right after that.” He went on to say that he thought there was another gunshot before he tackled Conley into a bush and fled to get assistance from his neighbors.

Keating told the officers he thought Conley was going to kill him and that the handgun Conley was using was a dark, two-shot Derringer, just like the one he owns and keeps hidden.

Around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Keating’s neighbor apparently heard three gunshots, which prompted him to phone the DBPD. When the authorities arrived at SW 29th Avenue, which is close to SW 2nd Street, they discovered Keating bleeding and injured on the ground at his neighbor’s house.

According to the officers, Keating had an exit hole on his back and a gunshot wound on the upper left side of his chest. After then, Keating was taken to DMC to receive treatment for non-life-threatening wounds.

Shortly after the shooting, Conley’s husband remarked that she had returned from their son-in-law’s house but that she was not aware of any problems, according to detectives who located her at home.

In the affidavit, Conley claimed she never saw Keating at his residence. On the other hand, Conley’s arm and knee appeared to have recently sustained injuries, which police said corroborated Keating’s claim that she was pushed into a bush.

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