Safety Alert: A List of Colorado’s 5 Most Dangerous Cities!


Cybersecdn- A lot of people visit Colorado every year because it has beautiful scenery, a rich culture, and fun things to do outside. Things aren’t always good in the Centennial State, though.

People who live in and people who visit some towns in Colorado are not very safe because they have a lot of crime and violence. New data and statistics will be used to show you the five most dangerous cities in Colorado in this piece.

Grand Junction

About 70,000 people live in Grand Junction, which is the largest city in western Colorado. With 49 crimes for every 1,000 people, it’s the most dangerous place in the state, which is a shame.

Every 3 hours and 13 minutes, on average, there is a crime in Grand Junction. One in 23 people will be victims of a property crime, while one in 177 people will be victims of a dangerous crime.


The third-largest city in Colorado is Aurora, which is home to more than 380,000 people. It is also the second most dangerous city in the state, with 36 crimes made against every 1,000 people living there.

In 2020, for every 100,000 people living in the city, there were 728 serious crimes and 2,890 property crimes. The FBI says Aurora is one of the most dangerous towns in the country, so visitors should take extra steps to stay safe.

La Junta

The small city of La Junta is in the southeast of Colorado. It has about 7,000 people living there. With 84.67 crimes for every 1,000 people, it’s the third-most dangerous place in the state and known for having a high crime rate.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado
According to locals, the safest part of La Junta is in the northwest. The most dangerous parts are in the middle. There is a 10% chance of being a victim of a crime in these places.

The serious crime rate in La Junta is 18.2%, which is less than the national average of 22.7. The property crime rate, on the other hand, is 77.1, which is a lot higher than the U.S. average of 35.4.


People Live in The Town of Alamosa, Which Is in The South Central Part of Colorado. There Are 54.8 Crimes for Every 1,000 People Living in The City, Making It the Fourth Most Dangerous in The State.

How to Find Colorado’s Five Most Dangerous Cities

It’s Not as Safe as 65% of U.S. Towns, as Shown by Its D Crime Grade. There Is a 19% Chance of Being a Victim of Property Crime and A 151% Chance of Being a Victim of Violent Crime in Alamosa.

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Over 112,000 People Live in The City of Pueblo, Which Is in The Southern Part of Colorado.It Is the Fifth Most Dangerous Place in The State, with 48.9 Crimes Against Every 1,000 People Living There.

There Is a 1 in 21 Chance of Being a Victim of A Property Crime in Pueblo. There Is a 1 in 167 Chance of Being a Victim of A Serious Crime in Pueblo.

Officials in Colorado Are Trying to Fight Crime

There Are a Few Ways that Colorado Officials Are Trying to Cut Down on Crime:

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado

1. They’ll Spend $113 Million Over Two Years on Various Projects. This Includes Getting More Police Officers Trained and Hired, Making Streets Brighter, Helping Crime Victims, and Adding More Mental Health Services.

2. They Want to Use the Money to Focus on Keeping Crime from Happening. This Means Helping Kids with Behavior Problems Get Help, Making Schools Safer, and Supporting Programs that Bring People Together.

3. Changes Are Being Made to The Court System. This Means Getting Rid of The Death Sentence, Putting Limits on Cash Bail, Lowering the Penalties for Some Crimes, and Coming up With New Ways to Deal with Mental Health Issues.

Some People Don’t Like These Attempts Because They Say They’re Not Enough or The Right Way to Do Things. The issue of Crime and Public Safety Is Likely to Come up A Lot in The Next Elections and Parliamentary Sessions.

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To Wrap Up

Colorado Has a Lot of Fun Things to Do and Beautiful Scenery, but Some of Its Towns Have a Lot of Crime. The five Most Dangerous Cities Are Grand Junction, Aurora, La Junta, Alamosa, and Pueblo. This Is Especially True When It Comes to Property Crime.

People Are Still Not Sure how Well the Steps Taken by Colorado Officials, Such as Giving More Money, Taking Preventative Measures, and Changing the Way the Legal System Works, Work. as Time Goes On, Crime and Public Safety Are Going to Be Big Issues in Politics and Policymaking.

It’s Important for Tourists and People Who Might Move to Colorado to Know About These Risks and Take the Right Safety Measures to Have a Safe and Fun Time There.

This Could Mean Learning About the Areas, Taking Common Sense Safety Precautions, and Being Aware of Your Surroundings. Remember that Being Aware and Responsible Can Greatly Lower Your Chances of Becoming a victim, even in places with higher crime rates.

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