Santa’s Soaring Over Georgia: Tracking the Christmas Eve Magic!


cybersecdn- As the clock ticks closer to Christmas Eve, excitement mounts across Georgia. This year, like many before, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) continues its cherished tradition, now in its sixth decade, of tracking Santa Claus’s journey.

As children snuggle into their beds, NORAD’s sophisticated systems will keep a watchful eye on Santa’s sleigh as it soars over the Peach State.

Santa’s Expected Timeline and NORAD’s Role

According to NORAD’s predictions, Santa is anticipated to glide over Georgia’s skies sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight on December 24. However, in keeping with his mysterious ways, Santa will only make stops at homes where children are fast asleep. This magical journey, filled with anticipation and wonder, will be monitored closely by NORAD’s advanced technology.

Santa's Soaring Over Georgia: Tracking the Christmas Eve Magic

NORAD’s involvement in tracking Santa began in 1955 due to a serendipitous misprint in a newspaper advertisement. Since then, it has evolved into a globally followed event. Using their radar, satellites, and even Santa Cams, NORAD provides real-time updates on Santa’s location, ensuring children and adults alike can follow his progress.

Digital Tracking and Festive Activities

In today’s digital age, tracking Santa has become more interactive. NORAD’s official apps, available on both Apple and Google Play stores, offer a user-friendly way to follow Santa’s journey.

Additionally, starting at 2:01 a.m. EST on December 24, the NORAD website will begin streaming videos of Santa’s preparations. By 6 a.m. EST, NORAD operators will be on hand to answer questions about Santa’s whereabouts through phone, email, and various digital assistants.

Moreover, the Georgia Sun plans to stream NORAD’s feed on its website, enhancing the experience with a local touch. NORAD’s website is also a treasure trove of Christmas-themed entertainment, offering games, movies, and music to enjoy while awaiting Santa’s arrival.


This event not only sparks joy and excitement but also brings families together in a shared experience of wonder. As NORAD continues its tradition of tracking Santa, Georgia’s skies will light up with the magic of Christmas, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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