Several people hurt in a mass shooting in Sacramento, according to police


A mass shooting in Sacramento on Monday night has left at least five individuals with gunshot wounds, according to local police. The incident occurred in the area of Coral Gables Court and Meadowview Road in South Sacramento. At approximately 8:18 p.m., the Sacramento Police Department received reports of gunfire and immediately dispatched officers to the scene. Upon arrival, they discovered several victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

The victims of the shooting include three men, two women, and one minor girl. All six individuals were quickly transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Medical officials have reported that, despite the severity of their injuries, all victims are expected to survive.

Following the transportation of the victims to the hospital, a substantial police presence remained at the scene. Investigators worked to gather evidence and interview witnesses in an effort to understand the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The area was cordoned off, and officers conducted a thorough search for any additional evidence that could aid in identifying the perpetrators.

The mass shooting has left the South Sacramento community in shock. Local residents expressed their concerns about safety and the increasing instances of gun violence in their neighborhoods. Community leaders and activists have called for increased efforts to address the root causes of violence and enhance public safety measures.

Sacramento Police have yet to release further details about potential suspects or motives behind the shooting. They are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of our community and bringing those responsible to justice,” said a spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department. “We ask for the public’s cooperation and patience as we continue our investigation.”

As the investigation continues, the Sacramento Police Department is working diligently to piece together the events of Monday night’s tragic shooting. The community remains on high alert, hoping for swift justice and enhanced measures to prevent future incidents. For more updates, residents are encouraged to stay tuned to local news outlets and follow the Sacramento Police Department’s official channels.

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