Soggy Season: Atlanta’s Holiday Forecast Predicts No White Christmas!


cybersecdn- Amidst the festive cheer, Atlanta braces for a different kind of holiday season this year. The city, known for its vibrant Christmases, is unlikely to see a snowy landscape as last witnessed in 2010. According to the National Weather Service, a low-pressure system, coupled with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, sets the stage for a predominantly wet Christmas.

Brad Nitz, Channel 2 Action News chief meteorologist, notes, “While we’re cool, it’s not nearly cold enough for snow.” Anticipate a holiday marked by rain boots and umbrellas rather than snowball fights and snowmen.

Christmas Eve offers a brief outdoor respite with a forecast of 62 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. However, as night falls, rain probabilities rise, ushering in widespread showers on Christmas Day, escalating to an 80% chance by afternoon.

No White Christmas for London

This shift in weather patterns reflects a broader climatic change impacting the region. Though far from the record high of 75 degrees in 2015, the forecasted high of 57 degrees on Christmas Day speaks to warmer trends during what traditionally has been a colder season. As Atlanta adapts to this ‘wet Christmas’, residents reminisce about past snowy holidays while embracing the unique charm of a rain-draped festive season.

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