Subway Phone Theft: Police Hunt for Brazen Robbery Suspect!


Cybersecdn- The New York City Police Department has swiftly responded to a robbery incident at the Grand Avenue-Newton subway station, leading to the arrest of a suspect. The crime, which occurred on the southbound “R” platform on January 9 around 2:30 pm, involved the theft of a cellphone from a 54-year-old male victim.

Police Hunt for Brazen Robbery Suspect

In a bold move, two unidentified individuals approached the victim and forcibly snatched his cell phone. When the victim gave chase, one of the perpetrators brandished a knife, escalating the situation before both suspects fled on foot. Fortunately, the incident did not result in any physical injuries.

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The NYPD’s diligent investigation led to the arrest of 18-year-old Matthew Siltz from the Bronx. Siltz, now charged with robbery, is linked to this distressing incident, highlighting the ongoing challenges of maintaining safety in the city’s public transportation hubs.

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