Survivor’s Story: Grandmother’s Remarkable Recovery from Multi-Vehicle Accident!


Cybersecdn- Texas’s Corpus Christi One of the victims who was seriously and permanently damaged in the seven-vehicle collision in Corpus Christi is now speaking up for the first time, one week after the driver was convicted in the fatal crash. Airline and SPID were the sites of the collision in November 2021. In the parking area of the former Sunrise Mall, the suspect’s truck collided with other vehicles. Rev. Lanita Monroe, who was among the critically injured and one man murdered that day, felt it was crucial to tell her family’s side of the story so she could move on with her healing. She acknowledged the immense gratitude she has for her survival despite the accident’s devastating impact on her life.

That day that changed my life “I was accompanied by my daughter,” Monroe stated. I was behind the wheel. In the backseat, my 11-month-old granddaughter sat next to me. Just forty-five minutes remained till she was supposed to board the jet back to Tennessee.

The family came to a complete halt at the SPID and Airline crossroads as the light turned red. That November day in 2021 would be the last time Monroe ever made the flight. “Rosalind had dropped one of her toys, and so we were stopped at the stop light,” she informed us. “(I) unbuckled my seatbelt, reached over, got the toy, dropped it in the cup holder.”

She refastened her seatbelt right before the light changed to green. At that moment, she claimed to have had the life-saving spiritual intervention.” I sat back, I heard the audible command ‘lean forward,'” stated the woman. A truck that reached speeds of 100 miles per hour collided with the family’s automobile.

 Grandmother's Remarkable Recovery from Multi-Vehicle Accident

“We flipped front-over-end, at least three times,” according to her. Planet Fitness (the parking lot) was the landing spot for the assailant who struck us. Everyone assumed that was where the mayhem was taking place. One of the initial vehicles struck at the crossroads belonged to the family.

The Wendy’s parking lot was its final resting place. Images of the vehicle before and after the accident were posted by Monroe. “I was sitting right there,” she claimed, gesturing toward a photograph of the smashed back seat.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital was contacted to transport her granddaughter and daughter. “Because my seatbelt was loose, I ended up draped over (Rosalind),” recalled Monroe. “She was in a really good car seat, she didn’t get cut, thank goodness.”

According to her, her daughter had no idea if Monroe was alive or not. It was in the intensive care unit that she regained consciousness. “Ten days in ICU and then three weeks in Doctor’s Regional,” remarked the doctor. She was hurt in a lot of different ways.

“Broken ankle, dislocated femur, broken pelvis, crushed sciatic nerve, degloved, missing, and dead muscle mass which had to be removed for the piriformis, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius, lacerated kidney, 10 broken ribs, fractured thoracic vertebrae, and brain bleed (all on my left side),” according to her. “The trauma caused seizures, nightmares, tachycardia, vertigo, post-traumatic stress, drop-foot, and other ongoing issues.” There was a long way to go for the religious woman from Tennessee.

“I stayed with my daughter and her family for three months before coming home to Tennessee,” according to her. “I have since had to have my hip replaced because the femur eventually died.” Monroe, a senior pastor of Tennessee’s Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church, remains grateful despite everything.” That is what we all hold onto — Lea, Rosalind and I are all alive, still functioning,” she said. “It could have been so much worse.”

After being found guilty on two counts of intoxication assault and one act of intoxication manslaughter, the man responsible for the crash, Derek St. Amant was sentenced to six years in prison last week. The tragedy occurred almost two years ago.

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Multiple post-accident delays have plagued the trial, according to Monroe. If the case had gone to trial before a jury, she would have felt more comfortable delivering her statement. One of the reasons St. Amant felt compelled to tell her tale was to show how tragic the consequences of drunk driving can be for others; however, this couldn’t happen until after the fact due to the plea agreement she accepted.

“Hold on a second. I thought I was supposed to have the ability to speak.’” It was a way for her to have her voice heard; her life had been irrevocably altered by her autistic adult son, granddaughter, son-in-law, and daughter. “I just needed somebody else to hear my story.”

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