Suspect Identified in Intense State Police Thruway Showdown and Separate Albany Shooting Incident!


Cybersecdn- In a recent and harrowing incident on the I-87 in the Town of Ramapo, New York State Police encountered a dangerous situation that led to an exchange of gunfire. Troopers Steven Missale and Ronald Raymond, while patrolling southbound between exits 15 and 15A, identified a vehicle matching the description of one involved in an earlier Albany shooting. The vehicle, a 2009 Mercedes E350, was driven by Rakim A. Tillery.

Suspect Identified in Intense State Police

Upon being stopped by the troopers, Tillery reportedly opened fire, initiating a shootout. The confrontation tragically ended with Tillery being fatally shot. Troopers Missale and Raymond sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the exchange and were promptly transported to Westchester Medical Center. They have since been released after receiving the necessary medical attention.

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This incident has raised numerous questions and concerns, prompting an ongoing investigation by the State Police. The authorities urge anyone with information related to the shootings in Albany or on the Thruway to contact them at 845-344-5300, as every piece of information is crucial in piecing together this complex and unfortunate event.

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