Tennessee Governor Approves Law Stopping Changes to Police Rules After Tyre Nichols’ Death!


CybersecdnTennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee has signed into law a bill that prohibits certain local police reforms, effectively halting efforts like the Memphis traffic stop ordinance. This ordinance was developed in response to the fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols.

The new law, passed by the Republican-controlled Tennessee legislature, prevents cities from implementing measures that restrict law enforcement agencies from fulfilling their duties within state and federal laws.

Introduced about a year after Nichols’ death in January 2023, the law is seen as a direct response to the Memphis traffic stop ordinance, which aimed to curtail police stops for minor infractions. Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, suffered severe injuries during a traffic stop by Memphis police and later died from those injuries.

Tennessee Governor Approves Law Stopping Changes to Police Rules After Tyre Nichols’ Death!

The “Driving Equality Act in Honor of Tyre Nichols,” passed by the Memphis City Council in 2023, aimed to prohibit police stops for minor infractions, also known as pretextual stops. Supporters of the reform, including Nichols’ family and civil rights groups, argued that these stops disproportionately target Black drivers and can lead to instances of police violence.

Despite efforts by Nichols’ family and local leaders to prevent the bill’s passage, it was approved, drawing criticism and disappointment from those who supported police reform efforts.

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In the wake of Nichols’ tragic death, discussions surrounding police reform and racial profiling have gained national attention. The move to block local initiatives aimed at reforming policing practices reflects ongoing debates about the balance between law enforcement duties and protecting citizens’ rights.

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