The California Department of Food and Agriculture Is Looking for Proposals for A Big Upgrade to The Threat Information System!


The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) wants bids for a big improvement to its system for managing Emerging Threats (ET). The Animal Health and Food Safety Services Division (AHFSS) of the CDFA needs this method very much. It helps keep people, animals, and the state’s business safe from dangerous animal diseases and food safety problems. In July, a pre-solicitation letter was sent out to vendors asking for their thoughts.

ET2 is a suggested system that aims to combine the roles of the current ET system with those of other uses. It will also let people use their phones in places where Internet service is limited or nonexistent. The CDFA wants the new system to have a central place to store and handle master data. Additionally, they need seven stand-alone apps, three external apps, and five mobile apps to help run AHFSS.

The CDFA wants two parts to their solution: software for managing and querying data and a platform as a service (PaaS) in the cloud. Rob Peterson, who is the agency information officer for the department, has said that the request will be big.

The state budget includes money for the new ET2 system. For the fiscal year 2023–24, the CDFA was given $6,685,000 and three new jobs. The state’s General Fund will give $4,212,000 and the CDFA will give $2,473,000. There will be extra money for the next three fiscal years: $12,138,000 in FY 2024-25 and 2025-26, and $6,672,000 in FY 2026-27. A $5,073,000 fund that will be used over time has also been approved.

You can find all the papers related to this request online. The CDFA’s choice to improve its ET system shows that it wants to protect public health and the state’s income from threats in the agriculture and food sectors.

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