The California DMV Wants to Switch to Electronic Fingerprinting for People Applying for Driver’s Licenses!


Electronic fingerprinting technology, or Live Scan equipment, is going to be bought by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). An RFQ sent out on Tuesday made this clear. Digital fingerprints are sent automatically to the Department of Justice (DOJ) by the DMV to check people’s criminal records. Candidates for several vehicle-related licenses must do this when applying for the first time.

With Live Scan, fingerprints and personal information are sent quickly to the DOJ using digital technology. Sending hard copies of fingerprints through the mail is slower and less accurate than this method.

To be considered for the deal, vendors must send a copy of their most recent California Secretary of State (SOS) listing or business name listing. Along with that, they need to give a cost sheet for the Live Scan System, a laptop with software, a high-resolution scanner, and processes and profiles set by the DOJ.

DMV Seeks Electronic Fingerprinting Tech

We don’t know how much the deal is worth in yet. After the installation, the warranty period will last for one year from the date the buy order was awarded. Wednesday at 5 p.m. is the deadline for questions about the RFQ. Answers should be sent by December 21. Nominations for the RFQ must be sent by 10 a.m. on January 3, and the contract should be awarded on January 11.

An updated project and changes to the California New Motor Voter Program are also part of the DMV’s technology projects, as is this project. It is hoped that these changes will make it easier to send data to the Secretary of State’s Office and provide better proof of identity for customers.

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