The Florida Commission on The Legal Status of Women Selected Three Individuals!


Cybersecdn- Governor DeSantis has made a significant move in empowering women’s voices in Florida by appointing three accomplished professionals to the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. These appointments reflect a commitment to gender equality and the representation of diverse experiences and expertise in state governance.

Leda Kelly brings a wealth of experience to the commission. As the Chief of Staff for the Florida Department of Transportation, her insights into state infrastructure and public policy are invaluable. Her past roles, including Staff Director for the Florida House of Representatives and Deputy Director of External Affairs for the Executive Office of the Governor, showcase her comprehensive understanding of Florida’s political landscape.

Kelly’s academic background from Louisiana State University further complements her professional achievements. Candace Falsetto’s appointment adds a crucial financial perspective to the commission. As the Executive Director and Lending Specialist at J.P. Morgan, Falsetto brings a high level of financial acumen.

Her involvement with the Junior League of Miami and previous vice-presidency at Northern Trust Bank highlights her commitment to community service and leadership. Her educational background in business administration and finance from Florida International University strengthens her role in the commission.

The Florida Commission on The Legal Status of Women Selected Three Individuals!

Maria Wells offers a unique perspective from the real estate sector. As a licensed Real Estate Broker and a former president of the Florida Realtors, she understands the housing market’s complexities and its impact on women. Her appointment to the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board and her role as a vice president for the National Association of Realtors demonstrates her broad expertise and leadership skills.

These appointments signify a progressive step towards enhancing the representation of women in state affairs. The diverse backgrounds of Kelly, Falsetto, and Wells ensure that the Florida Commission on the Status of Women is well-equipped to address a wide range of issues affecting women in the state.

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The Commission is expected to leverage these new perspectives to advocate effectively for women’s rights and opportunities in Florida. Their collective experience and expertise are anticipated to lead to impactful policies and initiatives that will further the status of women in various spheres, including economic, health, and social domains.

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