Governor Phil Murphy Says that 23 Buses Have Brought More than 1,000 Migrants to New Jersey


Cybersecdn- Since New Year’s Eve, New Jersey has witnessed a significant influx of migrants, with figures reaching over 1,000 arrivals. According to Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli, 23 buses have transported these individuals into the state, fundamentally challenging local resources and infrastructure.

A majority of these migrants, 953 to be precise, continued their journey to New York via train, while others dispersed to various locations, some reunited with family members. Governor Phil Murphy corroborated these numbers, highlighting the scale of this unexpected influx.

The arrival of these migrants has not been uniform across New Jersey. Towns like New Providence and Fanwood encountered only a single bus each, while Secaucus saw 11, and Trenton received a total of nine buses, bringing in migrants aged between 2 to 55 years.

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Local authorities, such as the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and HomeFront NJ, have observed a noticeable increase in migrant numbers, stretching their resources thin. Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora voiced concerns about the city’s capacity to handle this influx, citing limited resources.

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The situation raises questions about state and federal responsibilities in managing migrant movements. Governor Murphy hinted at a broader plan involving New York City as a primary destination due to its federal resources.

This unfolding scenario in New Jersey highlights the complexities and challenges of migrant transit and settlement, underscoring the need for coordinated responses at both state and federal levels.

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