The South’s Clearest Waters Are Found At This Florida Beach


When selecting the ideal beach location, people primarily consider two factors: smooth, powder-white sand and glistening, crystal-clear water. The rest—amazing dining establishments, charming stores, and cozy lodging options—are simply the cherry on top.

Florida is without a doubt the undisputed queen of the sun and surf, even if the South is home to coastlines. The state, which is formed like a peninsula, boasts 825 miles of coastline, which should keep you occupied for a lifetime. Every kind of tourist can find the ideal beach, from remote island getaways to family-friendly seaside cities. Even so, we managed to gather twenty that were convincingly identifiable as being from the Caribbean.

If access to clean water is your top concern, it’s time to schedule a trip to Jupiter, Florida. It may take some time for you to catch your breath when you first see the breathtakingly beautiful ocean stretches here. Jupiter, which is 30 minutes north of the opulent West Palm Beach on the southeast coast of the state, has a slower, more tranquil pace that makes it ideal for long days spent lounging by the beach.

Why Is the Water on Jupiter So Clear?

Because Jupiter is situated in the Gulf Stream’s route, tropical water is constantly flowing through it, clearing any accumulated runoff, debris, or algae, and enhancing the cleanliness and visibility of the ocean. Because Palm Beach County’s shoreline juts out slightly farther east and because the continental shelf is relatively thin here, the coast—which includes Jupiter!—gets an additional lift.

Consequently, the beaches of Palm Beach County are situated exactly where the Gulf Stream flows, and the tropical waters come closer to land here than they do anyplace else in North America. To put it another way, without a passport, Jupiter brings you as close to Caribbean waters as possible!

Which Locations Offer the Best Views of Jupiter’s Transparent Water?

The city is situated where the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Loxahatchee River converge. This implies that you can get breathtaking views of the sea anywhere you look, not just at the beach. Together, the three bodies of water form the Jupiter Inlet, a popular destination for boaters and the scene of a bustling Riverwalk lined with shops, eateries along the waterfront, and spots to take a sunset cruise.

Jupiter has various beaches to select from when you’re ready to set down your chair in the sand and focus your gaze on the horizon. Open from dawn to dusk, locations such as Carlin Park, Jupiter Beach Park, and Ocean Cay Park provide lifeguard-guarded public beaches with designated swimming areas, along with other facilities like playgrounds, amphitheaters, pickleball courts, picnic pavilions, parking, showers, and more.

The well-known Juno Beach Pier, a 990-foot boardwalk that’s a favorite place for fishing and sunset watching, is located close to Juno Beach. Not only is the Loggerhead Marinelife Center conveniently situated half a mile from the pier, but there are other public beach access locations nearby where you can get up close and personal with sea turtles and other aquatic creatures.

Climb to the top of the famous Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse for a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of all of Jupiter’s breathtaking waterways, from the inlet to the river systems to the pristine Atlantic Ocean. Accessible from Tuesday to Sunday, a quick peek over the edge will demonstrate why we believe Jupiter boasts some of the purest water in the southern hemisphere.

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