The State of Kansas Is Providing Support to Texas During the Border Crisis!


CybersecdnIn a resolute move echoing the sentiments of solidarity, the Kansas House has adopted a resolution urging Democratic Governor Laura Kelly to align with Texas Governor Greg Abbott in tackling the escalating border crisis. This strategic maneuver unfolds amidst a backdrop where numerous states are rallying behind Texas, dispatching National Guard troops to manage the surge of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Governor Kelly, underscoring the federal jurisdiction over border security, previously emphasized that any deployment of Kansas troops would be subject to President Biden’s discretion. Despite this, the recent resolution, endorsed with a decisive vote of 80-40, characterizes the situation as an “invasion” and advocates for Kansas to extend its support and solidarity to Texas.

The resolution mirrors the prevailing sentiment among states that the federal government’s efforts fall short in curbing illegal immigration. Senator Mike Thompson, a Republican representing Shawnee, vocalized his endorsement of Governor Abbott, emphasizing the imperative for states to step up in the face of federal inertia.

The State of Kansas Is Providing Support to Texas During the Border Crisis!

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Kansas stands not in isolation but in concert with other states such as Indiana, Georgia, and Montana, which have announced intentions to deploy their National Guard troops to the border this week. This collective action underscores the exigency of the situation and underscores the desire for a cooperative approach to border security.

As more states unite in bolstering Texas, the message resounds clearly: the border crisis transcends regional confines, demanding a cohesive national response. Kansas’ resolute resolution underscores the state’s unwavering commitment to confronting this challenge and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Texas during these trying times.

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