The Untold Stories of Undocumented Laborers in California, Texas, and Florida


After operating companies in three states over the years, much has changed—and not for the better. I’ll tell you the fundamental laws and viewpoints.

First, California. Can an employer in California request the social security number alone, or the applicant’s social security card as well? Yes, they must do so. It’s a requirement under federal law. An I-9 form must be fully completed by any employer hiring you as a W-2 employee. I’m sure we did since it’s illegal for employers in California to discriminate against or take retaliatory action against workers who belong to certain protected classes.

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Additionally, employers have to safeguard whistleblowers, grant equal pay, facilitate wage negotiations, permit employees to view their personnel files and accommodate pregnancy. While it is necessary in some jurisdictions, most California employers must utilize E-Verify only if they are federal contractors or subcontractors. It was always E-Verfy.

Texas comes in second. There is an exception to the ban on discrimination based on citizenship and national origin for “a person or other entity that employs three or fewer employees”. For this reason, any employer with four or more employees is subject to the discrimination clause of this legislation. When someone is employed for work in the US, their identification and work authorization are confirmed using Form I-9. Every person working for your organization in the US needs to fill out Form I-9.

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The form asks the employee to provide you with documentation proving their identity and employment authorization in the United States. A declaration certifying that the documents are authentic to the best of your knowledge must be signed. What safeguards are in place for Texas employees? Workers are entitled to a work environment free from harassment or discrimination based on their race, religion, national origin, age, handicap, sex, color, or genetic information. In Texas, you are also entitled to minimum wage as an employee. Over time, it seems that Texas workers are lacking some aspects if you know what I mean.

Last but not least, Florida, as that’s my home state. Perhaps you should get a drink and settle in. Employers utilizing E-Verify must, however, adhere to the compliance standards; failure to do so may result in fines and other civil penalties. All private firms with 25 or more workers must register for E-Verify and use it for new hires employed on or after July 1, 2023, according to Florida legislation. June 2, 2023 Is Florida a state that welcomes employers?

Since Florida is an at-will employment state, both employers and employees are free to terminate workers at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. However, your employer cannot fire you due to a handicap, pregnancy, age, race, sex, national origin, gender, color, sexual orientation, or identity.

Because U and L Drive Services is a 1099 employer rather than a W-2, drivers are exempt from filling out an I-9 form. Therefore, upon hiring, there is no immigration status check. January 1, 2022, It makes sense that none of my drivers spoke English; after all, Florida is home to 29.8% of households, greater than the national average of 21.7%, who reported using a non-English language as their major common language at home. Get yourself another drink.

True story: let’s say I want to retain my 100 illegal construction workers. I can do this by utilizing a relative’s Social Security number, which you can purchase for between $50 and $100, or by having a relative who relocated abroad return home due to retirement. Hold on for a moment. DeSantis enacted a law, perhaps twenty-five or more.

Sorry, no issue. I’ve started four new LLCs. You know, I had this guy working for me, and although E-Verify worked perfectly, one of my other employees informed me that it was a phony. To make sure the name and SS number matched, I called. “Oh, Sir, we’re not able to provide you with that information.” It took the government five years to send our company a letter that he never filed income taxes or received a refund.

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