There Are a Lot of New Rules in Texas that Start on January 1, 2024!


These laws cover a wide range of issues such as property appraisal values, teacher retirement, license plate changes, vape and e-cigarette marketing, and racial and gender inequalities on college campuses. One of the most controversial laws is the ban on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in public institutions of higher education.

The Republican-led Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 17 in May, which will take effect on January 1 The legislation will terminate DEI offices in public institutions of higher education, according to the Legal Defense Fund. This law has been met with criticism from many who believe that it will hurt diversity and inclusion efforts in Texas universities.

Another law that will go into effect on January 1 is related to property appraisal values. House Bill 796 requires appraisal districts to keep a public database with information about protest hearings online. Senate Bill 1381 says that when a person who is 65 or older and receiving a homestead exemption dies, the person’s spouse can get the exemption in the next tax year without again applying. The surviving spouse must still otherwise qualify for the exemption. House Bill 4077 aims to ensure that those who are 65 and older automatically get homestead exemptions they qualify for without having to apply.

The ban on DEI initiatives and adjustments to HOA fines are among the 30 laws going into effect on New Year’s Day. The bills were all passed during the 87th Legislative Regular Session, and several provisions in other bills will also take effect on January 1. The issue of gun control has been a contentious one in the United States, with both sides presenting compelling arguments.

New Texas laws for Jan. 1, 2024

It is important to note that the issue of DEI initiatives is a complex one, with no easy solutions. While some argue that DEI initiatives are necessary to promote diversity and inclusion, others believe that they are divisive and unnecessary. It is up to lawmakers to find a balance between protecting citizens and upholding the Second Amendment.

Texas is set to implement five new laws starting January 1, 2024. While there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate, lawmakers need to work together to find a solution that protects citizens while upholding their constitutional rights.

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