Trendy Memorial Day beach closure in California after a shark knocked a surfer off his board


A popular beach in Southern California was blocked for the Memorial Day holiday for two miles after a surfer was thrown off his board by a shark the previous evening, according to authorities.

After the surfer emerged from the water and informed lifeguards of the shark’s aggressive behavior at around 8 p.m., San Clemente was closed for 24 hours. The Orange County Register said on Sunday.

A big, black thing was swimming toward the surfer, who was bumped but not wounded, according to San Clemente Marine Safety Lt. Sean Staubenbaur.

The public was still able to access the sand, but beachgoers were advised to avoid the ocean until Monday at 8 p.m.

Despite his disappointment, Waylon Andino, who is only six years old, did not let the closure deter him from organizing a lemonade fundraiser.

Waylon’s mother, Kylie Andino, told the Register, “We’ll live it up and have fun with the kids regardless and enjoy each other’s company.” It’s Memorial Day weekend.

If a shark sighting is reported that is 10 feet (3 meters) or longer, the area will automatically be closed for several hours. If an aggressive behavior is observed, it will automatically be closed for 24 hours, provided there are no more shark sightings.

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