Trump Supports Michael Whatley’s Candidacy, Appoints His Daughter-In-Law to Lead RNC!


CybersecdnFormer President Donald Trump has made a significant endorsement in the realm of Republican Party leadership, throwing his support behind Michael Whatley for the position of chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Trump’s endorsement of Whatley comes amid speculation about the future leadership of the RNC, with current chairwoman Ronna McDaniel indicating that she is not stepping down at present.

In addition to endorsing Whatley, Trump also announced his backing of his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, for the role of co-chairwoman within the RNC. Emphasizing the importance of the RNC’s role in ensuring fair and transparent elections across the nation, Trump expressed his expectation for the party to collaborate effectively with his campaign, particularly as he anticipates becoming the Republican presumptive nominee for president.

Trump Supports Michael Whatley's Candidacy

Trump’s endorsement of Whatley and Lara Trump follows previous statements hinting at his desire for a change in leadership within the RNC. Earlier communications from Trump suggested that McDaniel should resign from her position, although McDaniel has maintained that she will not step down until after the South Carolina primary on February 24.

Trump Supports Michael Whatley's Candidacy

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Despite Trump’s endorsement, an RNC spokesperson reaffirmed McDaniel’s commitment to her current role, emphasizing her efforts in supporting Republican candidates nationwide. Whatley, currently serving as the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, received praise from Trump for his work in North Carolina and his dedication to election integrity.

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In addition to the endorsements for leadership positions, Trump also named Chris LaCivita as the RNC’s prospective chief operating officer. Trump expressed confidence in the capabilities of Whatley, Lara Trump, and LaCivita, describing them as “highly talented, battle-tested, and smart” individuals who have his full endorsement to lead the Republican National Committee.

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