Unioto and Paint Valley Students Chosen to Play Basketball for Ohio in Elks National Hoop Shoot!


CybersecdnTwo young athletes from Unioto and Paint Valley High Schools are gearing up to showcase their basketball skills on a national stage. Isaiah Reveal, a fifth-grade student at Unioto, and Ainsley Weaver, a student from Paint Valley, have earned the honor of representing Ohio in the regional competition of the Elks National Hoop Shoot.

The Elks Hoop Shoot Competition, designed for children ages eight to 13, serves as a platform to instill grit and sportsmanship through healthy competition. Isaiah Reveal, who has been playing basketball since the age of five, has demonstrated remarkable progress throughout the competition. Starting from his school, Reveal showcased his prowess by making 10 out of 10 free throws, eventually advancing through local, district, and statewide levels with impressive scores. His dedication to practice, coupled with his passion for the sport, has propelled him to this prestigious opportunity.

Unioto and Paint Valley Students Chosen to Play Basketball for Ohio

Ainsley Weaver, a talented athlete from Paint Valley, secured her spot in the regional competition after a stellar performance in local, district, and statewide rounds. Weaver, who ranked second in the state last year, exhibited exceptional shooting skills, making 22 out of 25 free throws in local and district competitions and a perfect score of 25 out of 25 in the statewide contest. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with unwavering support from her family, has positioned her as a formidable contender in the upcoming regional event.

Both students expressed their excitement for the competition and the opportunity to meet fellow players from across the region. For Isaiah Reveal, basketball remains his favorite sport, while Ainsley Weaver finds joy in the shooting aspect of the game.

Parents Josh and Krystal Reveal shared their nerves and excitement as they watched their son compete, emphasizing their pride in his accomplishments. Similarly, Ainsley Weaver’s parents, Tara and Gabe, expressed immense pride in their daughter’s achievements and have been actively involved in her training regimen.

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As the regional competitions approach on March 16, these young athletes are poised to showcase their skills and represent Ohio with pride. Should they emerge victorious, they will advance to the nationwide competition, where they will have the opportunity to compete against top talent from across the country.

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