Unique Twist: The 12 Best Places in New Jersey to Get a Hot Dog!


Cybersecdn- New Jersey, known for its culinary delights, holds a special place in the hearts of hot dog connoisseurs. With a rich history spanning over a century, the state boasts a variety of hot dog joints, ranging from family-owned traditional spots to innovative newcomers. The Texas wiener, a local favorite topped with peppers and onions, and the Ripper, a deep-fried pork and beef hot dog, are among the state’s most popular styles.

Here are twelve of New Jersey’s best hot dog spots, each offering a unique twist on this classic American treat:

  1. Hot Dog Tommy’s (Cape May): This upbeat shop is famous for its classic and unique toppings, including vegan options. It’s a must-visit, but be prepared for a queue!
  2. The Windmill (Long Branch): A traditional counter-serve Jersey Shore outpost, The Windmill is renowned for its hot dogs, burgers, and cheese fries.
  3. Nifty Fifty’s (Turnersville): This kitschy diner offers a nostalgic experience with various milkshakes and fresh-ground burgers.
  4. Grab A Wiener (Wildwood): A low-key boardwalk store known for its hot dogs with diverse toppings and loaded fries.
  5. Maui’s Dog House (Wildwood): A vibrant stand with covered seating, Maui’s offers hot dogs with countless toppings, popular among tourists.
  6. Hiram’s (Fort Lee): Since 1932, this counter-serve joint has been serving deep-fried hot dogs, complete with a roadside setting and outdoor tables.
  7. Jimmy Buff’s Italian Hot Dogs (West Orange): Specializing in Italian hot dogs, this no-frills outpost is a local favorite.
  8. Hot Dog Johnny’s (Belvidere): A longtime roadside stand known for its unique drinks and charming swing set.
  9. Destination Dogs (New Brunswick): This bar and restaurant offers gourmet hot dogs in various global and regional styles.
  10. Captain Paul’s Firehouse Dogs (Lawrence Township): A no-frills spot with military and emergency-personnel decor, offering hot dogs and outdoor dining.
  11. Russ Ayres Hot Dogs (Bordentown): Known for its simple setup and tasty hot dogs, including chili cheese and Italian dogs.
  12. Dicky’s Dogs (Toms River): Stepping into Dicky’s is like entering the ’50s, with bright decor and perfectly cooked hot dogs.

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Each of these establishments contributes to New Jersey’s reputation as a hot dog paradise, offering a blend of traditional and innovative takes on this beloved snack.

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