Washington Egg Prices Go Up for a Number of Different Reasons!


CybersecdnIn addition to the mandate for cage-free egg production, the recent surge in egg prices in Washington can be attributed to the unprecedented outbreak of avian flu, exacerbating supply chain disruptions and impacting egg production across the state.

The avian flu, also known as the bird flu, has had devastating effects on poultry farms, leading to the culling of millions of egg-laying hens and causing significant losses in egg production. According to the latest reports from the USDA, the avian flu outbreak has resulted in the deaths of over 13 million egg-laying hens since November of the previous year. This outbreak represents the largest incidence of avian flu in the history of the United States.

The severity of the avian flu outbreak reached its peak in December 2022 when over 100 million birds were affected, leading to widespread disruptions in the poultry industry. The continued spread of the virus has continued to impact egg production and supply, driving up prices in Washington and other affected regions.

Washington egg prices go up for a number of different reasons.

Businesses reliant on egg products, such as Frank’s Diner in downtown Spokane, are feeling the strain of rising egg prices. Eggs are a staple ingredient in many of their dishes, making fluctuations in egg prices particularly impactful for their operations. Despite these challenges, establishments like Frank’s Diner are committed to maintaining stable prices for their customers, absorbing any necessary cost increases without passing them on.

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The combination of regulatory changes mandating cage-free egg production and the ongoing avian flu outbreak has created a perfect storm for the egg industry in Washington, leading to higher prices and supply chain disruptions. As the poultry industry continues to grapple with the effects of the avian flu outbreak, consumers may continue to experience fluctuations in egg prices until the situation stabilizes.

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