Will the northern lights be visible in the Bay Area once more this week?


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued a notice for a second geomagnetic storm that may cause aurora borealis, or northern lights, over the United States late Friday night.

A coronal mass ejection, or eruption of solar material, can cause the northern lights. A geomagnetic storm may arise when that solar material reaches Earth.

Northern California was lucky to be in the path of the preceding geomagnetic storm that went across the region. There was a possibility of seeing the northern lights in certain areas of the Bay Area where the level of light pollution was not too high. Viewers shared photographs that they had captured of the incredible light show that they had witnessed. However, will the solar material explosion that occurred this week bring further illumination to the Bay Area?

Simply said, it is quite improbable. The aurora borealis is expected to be visible across the upper Midwest states, which stretch from New York to Idaho. Please visit the website of the Space Weather Prediction Center in order to obtain further information regarding the location of the event and the possible timing within which it will be visible.

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