A California man detonated over 150 explosions, according to police


According to authorities, a guy from Pasadena, California, has been taken into custody in relation to “over 150 unidentified explosions” that had occurred there in the previous two years.

According to a press release from the Pasadena Police Department, Art Leon Berian, 62, is suspected of igniting the explosives, 14 of which have occurred in the last two weeks alone.

On May 16, when investigating detectives discovered another explosion, Berian was named as the suspect. Detectives “heard a loud explosion and observed a white cloud in front of them” while watching footage from an earlier event, according to the release.

Detectives scouring the vicinity discovered Berian’s 2013 BMW, one of two cars registered to the same owner that they had seen at other instances, according to the police.

Police added that once Berian was taken into custody, “evidence was collected from his car related to that explosion.”

After being detained, he was put into Pasadena City Jail.

Three felony counts of detonating explosives with the purpose to cause harm or intimidation have been brought against him; nevertheless, as the police stated, “miraculously, there have been no reported injuries associated with these explosions.”

Berian’s arraignment was rescheduled until May 30. Pasadena Police Department officials subsequently verified to Nexstar’s KTLA that Berian is being held without bail.

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