A man from LA was assaulted on a Metro train. He claims that things are worse two years later


An almost-dead guy from Los Angeles who was attacked violently on a LA Metro train encouraged government authorities to step up law enforcement and public safety throughout the system.

Stan Slokosky, 72, claimed that two years ago, after going to a church concert in Pasadena, he was attacked on a Metro train.

“You’re obstructing my view,’ complained a woman who was seated behind me. And I just ignored her,” Slokosky claimed, adding that the argument with the unidentified passenger turned violent.

“She sprayed me with gasoline from a canister, which the detectives told me was gasoline.”He explained, “She lit me on fire with a lighter.”

Slokosky claimed that after receiving second-degree burns on his arms and burns on his face and torso, he spent three months in a nursing home and seven weeks in the hospital.

“At the time, I was unaware of the extent of my burns,” the man admitted.

According to court documents, his attacker was taken into custody but has not yet been put on trial.

Slokosky claimed he didn’t need to see the most recent Metro report—which highlights an increase in overall crimes inside the system—to conclude that taking public transportation had grown riskier than it was during his terrifying experience two years prior.

He declared, “I think it is worse now.” “The Blue Line, which ran between Los Angeles and Long Beach, was the only dangerous area a few years ago.”

Due to his poor vision, Slokosky said using the Metro has become a vigilante exercise. He has no other way to get about.

“I believe that law enforcement is not present enough,” he remarked. “I kind of observe how people act. When I witness someone acting strangely, I make an effort to avoid them.

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