California politicians want to outlaw measures that notify transgender students in schools


Democrats in California are resisting the implementation of transgender notice laws in schools. A law that forbids school personnel from informing parents if a student identifies as transgender was introduced on Wednesday.

The state has filed a lawsuit against Rocklin Unified for enacting a transgender notification policy at the start of the school year.

The bill’s Democratic sponsors claimed the prohibition was necessary to protect faculty and staff.

“It’s time to take a step back from the chaos and concentrate on what matters most, which is their children’s safety,” stated Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman of District 5 during the press conference where the measure was unveiled.

The Safety Act, also known as AB 1955, would prevent school districts from enacting these regulations and shield school employees who oppose them from reprisals from the district.

“If it were my kids, I would want to know,” stated Rocklin resident Carol Belanger.

The policy has caused parents’ rights and students’ rights to be debated.

“I don’t think that’s right at all, having someone rat out or snitch on your secrets,” stated Rocklin High student Santino Rallos.

The bill has the support of Alexis Sanchez from the LGBTQ Community Center in Sacramento.

“If a child is not out to their parents, there is most likely a reason why they are not out to their parents,” Sanchez stated.

According to Sanchez, 40% of Sacramento County’s homeless adolescents identify as LGBTQ, according to CBS13.

“A lot of times their journey starts with them being forcibly outed to unsupportive parents and them being asked to leave their home,” Sanchez stated.

Some who are in favor of the notification policy claimed that failing to notify parents would violate their 14th Amendment right to raise, direct, and decide their child’s medical treatment.

“The student is a minor under 18 and the parents should parent and get the child counseling or more information about their choice,” Belanger stated.

Parent Lionel Gonzalez of Rocklin feels that parents and students should have a chat instead of being told unless a youngster is being bullied for being transgender.

“I think if there’s a risk to the student at the school, absolutely have a conversation with the parents,” Gonzalez stated.

When CBS13 contacted Rocklin Unified to inquire about the new bill, it did not reply.

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