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Cybersecdn- Carlos Moreira started WISeKey, and SEALSQ has been making waves in the tech world with their ground-breaking ideas. Their work together on the Matter protocol, a global standard that makes it easier for smart home devices to talk to each other, is expected to change the way IoT devices are made.

The Matter protocol is meant to make it easier and more unified for IoT devices to join, which has been a problem for a long time for companies that make IoT devices. With this standard, device makers can now be sure that all of their products can easily connect with other devices of any brand.

It’s important to note how important WISeKey is to this partnership. The company, which is known for its excellent cybersecurity solutions, has helped make links between these IoT devices safe, authentic, and verifiable. SEALSQ, on the other hand, has given the high-quality semiconductors that were needed to make these devices.

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The stage at CES 2024 will be a great place for WISeKey and SEALSQ to show off their skills and the ways they could work together. People who go will be able to see for themselves how the Matter protocol can change the IoT and make it safer and more efficient.

In conclusion, CES 2024 looks like it will be a big deal for both people who make IoT devices and people who buy them. In the tech world, especially when it comes to IoT devices, the creative solutions that WISeKey and SEALSQ offer through the Matter protocol are proof of how far the field has come.

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Not only will this year’s CES show off new tech, but it will also highlight the relationships, collaborations, and teamwork that make these new technologies possible. It’s about companies that work hard to make the world safer and more linked, like WISeKey and SEALSQ.

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