A Husband of a Dead NYC Teacher Took $120,000 From His Salary After His Death!


Cybersecdn- A lawsuit has emerged in New York City involving a complex case of pension fraud. Philip Hanan, a retired teacher, passed away in June 2014, but the Teachers’ Retirement Fund of the City of New York continued to deposit his pension benefits into his bank account for two years after his death, amounting to $123,560.

Unbeknownst to the authorities, Hanan’s husband, David Dubner, was illegally withdrawing these funds by writing checks to himself from Hanan’s account. The lawsuit alleges that Dubner, 70, intentionally withheld information about Hanan’s death to continue receiving the pension payments.

Hanan, who retired from the city Department of Education in 1989, was receiving annual pension benefits up to $59,550 as of 2015. The Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) now seeks repayment of the overpaid funds from Dubner, accusing him of fraud.

A Husband of a Dead NYC Teacher Took $120,000 From His Salary After His Death!

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This legal action follows previous unsuccessful attempts to hold Dubner accountable. When approached for comments, Dubner deferred to his attorney, who has yet to respond.

This case highlights the vulnerabilities in pension fund management and raises questions about the oversight mechanisms in place to prevent such fraud. It also underscores the legal and ethical implications of misusing funds intended for retirees.

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