DPS Recommends Gun Owners Store Weapons Properly During New Year’s Holidays!


Cybersecdn- As the New Year approaches, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has initiated a critical campaign focused on gun safety. This initiative, especially pertinent during the holiday season, is a response to the alarming rise in firearm-related fatalities in Texas.

Statistics from DPS reveal that in 2019, the state witnessed at least 2,683 deaths due to firearms, a number that surpasses the national rate and has been steadily increasing since 2011. DPS Sergeant Deon Cockrell has been vocal about the need for responsible gun storage.

He emphasized that firearms should not be stored in locations accessible to children or other unauthorized individuals. This precaution is particularly crucial during the holiday season when guns are often given as gifts.

The DPS Safe Gun Storage campaign, endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott in 2019, highlights a three-step checklist for gun owners: storing firearms unloaded and secured, separately locking ammunition, and restricting access to stored firearms at all times. Moreover, Sergeant Cockrell stressed the importance of gun safety beyond the confines of the home.

DPS Recommends Gun Owners Store Weapons Properly During New Year's Holidays!

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He pointed out that a significant number of firearms used in crimes are stolen from homes and vehicles, underscoring the need for secure storage in all locations. The DPS also encourages open conversations about gun safety in communities, especially when children visit other homes where firearms might be present.

Through various initiatives, including the distribution of gun locks and public awareness campaigns, the DPS aims to reduce accidental injuries and deaths related to firearms. Their message is clear: while the enjoyment of firearms is a respected right, it comes with the responsibility of ensuring they are securely stored and out of reach of those who should not have access to them.

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