A Woman in Georgia Puts 50 Christmas Trees Everywhere in Her House!


cybersecdn- In the heart of Georgia, Buford resident Shasta Rodgers transforms her home into a veritable winter wonderland each holiday season. Known affectionately as the “Crazy Tree Lady,” Rodgers has outdone herself this year by decorating her home with an astonishing 50 uniquely adorned Christmas trees.

Rodgers, who incrementally increased her collection from 42 trees last year, meticulously selects each tree, ensuring a distinct theme and decoration style.

Her passion for festive decor becomes evident as one wanders through her home, witnessing a dazzling array of lights, ornaments, and colors. Each tree, according to Rodgers, represents a unique thought process, pushing the boundaries of her creativity and imagination.

 Woman in Georgia Puts 50 Christmas Tree

The journey of amassing such a collection has been a 21-year labor of love. Rodgers’s commitment to her festive endeavor is so profound that she leaves her trees up until March, extending the joy of the season well beyond December.

Rodgers’s house isn’t just a personal sanctuary; it’s a beacon of holiday spirit, open to friends and family who wish to bask in the glow of her Christmas creations. Her approach to decorating is not just a hobby but a pursuit of happiness and joy, encapsulated by the twinkling lights that resemble a warm sun amidst the winter chill.

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