A Year of Service to Galveston and Chambers Counties: Representative Terri Leo Wilson’s Heartfelt Thank You!


Cybersecdn- Representative Terri Leo Wilson, serving Galveston and Chambers Counties in the Texas House of Representatives, recently expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her constituents. Reflecting on her first year in office, Rep. Leo Wilson highlighted the accomplishments of the 88th legislative session, which included four special sessions tackling state-wide challenges.

The session was marked by significant legislative efforts, notably in public education. Key accomplishments included the passing of HB 3, a groundbreaking law ensuring enhanced school safety through Texas Education Agency oversight. This includes the deployment of armed security officers on school campuses and an annual investment of $15,000 in school safety initiatives.

A Year of Service to Galveston and Chambers

Another milestone was HB 11, which focused on teacher recruitment and retention. This bill allocates $500 million, encompassing educator pay raises and supporting teachers by offering free pre-kindergarten for their children and waiving fees for new teachers.

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Rep. Leo Wilson’s dedication to her role is evident in her commitment to her constituents and her active involvement in shaping policies that directly impact the community and the state.

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