Texas Judge Charged with Hitting Girlfriend, Stepping on Her Neck at New Year’s Event at His Residence!


Cybersecdn- In a recent and troubling incident, Harris County Judge Frank Aguilar was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault following a New Year’s Eve altercation at his residence in Galveston. Aguilar, who has presided over the 228th Criminal Court in Harris County since 2019, is accused of physically assaulting a woman during an alcohol-fueled altercation.

The incident allegedly involved Aguilar punching the woman in the face and head multiple times and stepping on her neck and chest, causing her to temporarily lose her breath. The victim, who was in a state of distress and appeared to be intoxicated, displayed visible injuries, including a bloodied nose, red marks on her neck, and a welt on the back of her head.

The altercation reportedly began when the victim got into a verbal dispute with one of the renters at Aguilar’s home, leading to the judge’s aggressive response. Aguilar’s bond was set at $1,500, and he was released from jail later on the day of the incident. Following the arrest, Aguilar independently decided to have other district court judges handle his docket for the week.

However, only the State Commission on Judicial Conduct can take action that might affect Aguilar’s ability to preside over cases while the assault case is pending. The Commission, at the time of reporting, has not commented on Aguilar’s arrest or confirmed whether an investigation is underway.

Texas Judge Charged with Hitting Girlfriend, Stepping on Her Neck at New Year's Event at His Residence!

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This incident adds to Aguilar’s history of legal troubles, as he was previously charged with misdemeanor assault in 2010 in Harris County for allegedly striking a woman he was dating. He was found not guilty in that case.

These revelations have sparked concern and scrutiny within the community, as Aguilar, an elected official, is held to high standards of conduct. His actions and the ongoing legal proceedings will be closely monitored to understand the implications for his judicial position and the broader legal community.

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