Shocking Road Rage: Gun Pointed in Texas Temple Incident Captured on Video!


Cybersecdn- In Temple, Texas, a shocking road rage incident on 31st Street near Azalea Drive was captured on camera, stirring local concerns about over-aggressive driving. The incident occurred just days before Christmas, on December 21st.

London Harris, a resident of Little River Academy, witnessed and recorded the event. The footage shows a tense moment where one man confronts another, pointing a gun at his head. Harris, who was near the scene, described the situation as intense and unpredictable.

The incident began when two vehicles stopped abruptly on the busy street. One driver exited his truck and approached the other vehicle, leading to an alarming confrontation.

Temple Police were alerted by a third-party witness. However, due to the lack of specific vehicle information, the officers were unable to locate the involved parties. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but the incident left a lasting impact on witnesses and the community.

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London Harris expressed his concern over the potential dangers of such aggressive actions, emphasizing the risk to innocent bystanders. Temple Police advise drivers to avoid engaging with aggressive drivers and to prioritize safety by avoiding confrontation.

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