East Texas SPCA Welcomes 2024 with New Year’s Eve Bash!


Cybersecdn- The SPCA of East Texas is gearing up for its second annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop fundraiser. The event, set to take place at Bossart Park, involves a unique and playful twist: tennis balls, sold for $5 each, will be spread across the park, and Nora, a rescued dog from the SPCA, will select the winning ball.

Executive Director Kat Cortelyou highlighted the event’s importance for the organization’s fundraising efforts. To exceed last year’s sale of 985 tennis balls, the organization aims to raise significant funds to support their work.

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The tennis balls are available for purchase until Sunday morning, and as of now, the SPCA has raised $600. Cortelyou explained that the more tennis balls sold, the larger the first-place prize. Interested participants can tune into the live stream on the SPCA’s Facebook page for the event.

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