The Wordle Answer and Hints for December 30, 2023, Are Given Below!


Cybersecdn- Are you ready to solve today’s Wordle puzzle? In hint #924, there is a popular five-letter word. Lock in your guesses! As always, if you get stuck while trying to figure out the answer, use the hints below. This post will talk about answers and hints for Wordle 924 for today.

Wordle 924 Hints for Today

What’s the Word’s Sound Count?

There are two ‘eyes’.

Are there letters that show up more than once in the word?

The word has one letter that is used more than once.

What letter does it begin with?

It starts with T.

Here is a clue:

This five-letter word is used to count from one to ten.

Second hint:

In a list of numbers, it comes after two.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle gives players a 5-letter word game that they have to figure out in 6 tries. As you make a guess, the letters change color to show how close you are to the correct word.

If a letter is green, it means it is in the right place. If a letter is yellow, it means it’s in the word, but not where it should be. If a letter is gray, it means it doesn’t show up anywhere in the answer word.

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Today’s Wordle Answer

Was the number sequence hints enough to help you figure out that the answer to Today’s Wordle #924 on December 30, 2023, is THREE? Come back tomorrow for the next Wordle puzzle!

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