Appeals Court Judges and Past Ohio Supreme Court Justices Will File for Former Court Seats!


Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Mary DeGenaro and Appeals Court Judge Carol Ann Robb have filed petitions for the former court seat. The seat was vacated by Justice Sharon Kennedy, who was appointed to the Chief Justice position in 2022.

DeGenaro, who served as a Supreme Court Justice from 2018 to 2021, is seeking to return to the bench. She will be joined by Robb, who has served as an Appeals Court Judge since 2013.

The Ohio Supreme Court was created by the Ohio Constitution of 1802 with three judges and had three or four through 1851. In 1851, the number of judges was increased to five. In 1892, the number of judges was increased to six. In 1912, the office of chief justice was created and the total number of judges was increased to seven (including the chief justice). In 1968, all the Supreme Court judges were re-titled as justices.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice

It is important to note that the Ohio Supreme Court is the highest in the state of Ohio and has the final say on legal matters. The court is responsible for interpreting the state constitution and ensuring that the laws of Ohio are applied fairly and consistently.

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