Apple Fans Alert: Store Closure Signals Vision Pro Preorder Kickoff!


Cybersecdn- There is no Apple Store open yet because preorders for the Apple Vision Pro start at 5 AM PT. Apple always shuts down the store before big events and the release of new products. To take things a step further, Apple has used a unique store is down the page with its animation in this case. When you go to the “Back in a blink” page, the Apple sign changes into the Vision Pro headset.

Today is the start of Apple’s first big new product category in five years. Preorders for the Apple Vision Pro headset will begin at 5 AM. Apple says that the unit for virtual and augmented reality is the first step toward a future of “spatial computing.”

One cutting-edge 4K micro-OLED monitor is in each eye of the Apple Vision Pro. This means that the headset can give users a lot better picture quality than they are used to. Apple didn’t use standard handheld controllers to let users control the device; instead, they used hand motions and eye tracking.

Apple Vision Pro in stores

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Prices for the headset start at $3499, and they will only be available in the US at first. In two weeks, on February 2, the item will be for sale. Later this year, it should be rolled out to more countries.

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