Bis-Man’s Youth on the Move: A New Trend in Travel!


Cybersecdn- Some local travel experts say that the travel business is changing in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Megan Vatnsdal has been a trip designer for almost three years. She says that her clients have changed over that time.

She says she’s seen a lot more young people who want to travel. In the past, many baby boomers and Gen Xers would wait to travel until they retired. Aged people she’s worked with didn’t seem to want to travel until they thought they had earned it, she says.

She does say, though, that millennials have chosen to travel more than anything else. Vatnsdal says she thinks this trend will continue with younger people because technology makes the world more accessible, which makes them want to travel.

Bis-Man are traveling younger

“Because of social media, we can go to places that most people would never have heard of, and they see those places online.” “That has never happened before, but now they want to go there,” Vatnsdal said. She also says she has seen prices go up since the plague.

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The cruise business is one place where prices have stayed the same, according to her. Vatnsdal says that her customers want to get the most out of their money, so they are looking for niche events and places that not many people visit. She says that river trips are a great way for people to feel like they’re in a fancy place without spending a lot of money.

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