Border Chief Says 24 Migrants Were Arrested After Agents and Troopers Stopped a Plan to Bring Them in Illegally!


Cybersecdn In a significant law enforcement operation in El Paso, Texas, U.S. Border Patrol agents, in coordination with Texas troopers, successfully disrupted a major migrant smuggling scheme, leading to the detention of 24 individuals. This operation, a testament to the ongoing challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border, was led by El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony “Scott” Good, who later shared details of the event on social media.

The operation involved a concerted effort by the Border Patrol’s Santa Teresa Station Anti-Smuggling Unit, alongside a Special Operations Detachment and the Texas Department of Public Safety. The smugglers, using rafts, were attempting to help migrants cross a dangerous canal that forms part of the border’s natural barriers. The timing and location of this operation were critical, given the perilous nature of the crossing point and the increasing frequency of such illegal crossings.

In his tweet, Good shared photographs that starkly depicted the situation: numerous migrants crammed inside an SUV and packed in the bed of a pickup truck, hidden beneath a tarp. These images underscore the often desperate and dangerous conditions migrants face when entrapped in smuggling operations.

24 migrants detained after agents

This interdiction comes against a backdrop of rising migrant encounters in the El Paso sector. At the end of the previous year, agents in this sector were encountering over a thousand migrants daily, a significant number indicative of the broader migration trends along the southern border.


Moreover, the number of people in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody had surged, exceeding 4,000 in December. However, there has been a noticeable decrease in these figures in the early weeks of January, with the number of migrant encounters and those in CBP custody dropping to about half of the December figures.

Good’s emphasis on the importance of teamwork in law enforcement was a key takeaway from his announcement. The successful operation highlighted the critical role of collaboration among different agencies in tackling the complex issue of illegal immigration and human smuggling.

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As of the time of the report, U.S. Customs and Border Protection had yet to release their monthly operational statistics for December. These statistics are keenly awaited for a more comprehensive understanding of the scope and scale of migration and enforcement activities along the border.

This operation in El Paso is a significant example of the ongoing efforts by U.S. law enforcement to combat illegal migration and human smuggling. It highlights the challenges faced by border patrol agents and the importance of inter-agency cooperation in ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s borders.

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