Intense Debate: DCS Commissioner Quin Accused of Making Discriminatory Remarks


Cybersecdn- A state investigation in Tennessee has uncovered ‘sufficient evidence’ that Department of Children’s Services Commissioner Margie Quin made discriminatory comments, particularly against veterans and based on sex. The investigation, drawing upon interviews with five DCS employees, written complaints, and emails, highlights several instances of Quin’s controversial remarks.

Quin reportedly expressed views that military personnel should not receive lifetime benefits, a stance she later denied but acknowledged making similar comments. She compared the treatment of police and military benefits, reflecting on her own 26 years of service without comparable advantages. Additionally, an incident was cited where Quin questioned the disability benefits received by military personnel following a single deployment.

DCS Commissioner Quin Accused of Making Discriminatory

This controversy has sparked reactions from military veterans in government. Retired US Army Colonel and State Senator Richard Briggs found these comments particularly offensive and emphasized the life-altering sacrifices made by military personnel. Quin’s comments have also raised questions about her views on fathers’ roles, as she insinuated that fathers are less likely to bring children to appointments, a statement that fueled further criticism.

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In her defense, Quin stated her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment at DCS and expressed regret over comments that may have fallen short of this standard. However, the backlash continues amidst ongoing criticism of DCS under her leadership, which has faced challenges such as inadequate care for children in state custody.

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