Florida’s New Legislation: ‘Cassie Carli Bill’ to Protect During Custody Exchanges!


Cybersecdn- The Florida House has passed House Bill 385, known as the “Cassie Carli Bill”, in response to a tragic incident involving Navarre’s mother Cassie Carli, who was murdered in 2022 following a custody exchange. Sponsored by Representative Dr. Joel Rudman, the bill mandates sheriffs in Florida to designate safe locations for custody exchanges.

The bill’s conception followed Carli’s disappearance and subsequent murder after a custody exchange with the father of her child. This legislation aims to provide a safer environment for such exchanges, reducing the risk of violence or conflict. It requires designated areas to be well-lit, accessible at all times, and equipped with video surveillance.

Cassie Carli Bill

While police departments like the Pensacola Police Department are not directly included in this law, they already offer similar services. Officer Greg Gordon highlighted that their parking lot is frequently used for custody exchanges and that officers are available for assistance upon request.

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Sheriff Chip Simmons of Escambia County expressed support for the bill, noting that the required infrastructure is largely already in place in their jurisdiction. The bill, if passed into law, will officially take effect on July 1, marking a significant step towards enhancing the safety of parents and children involved in custody exchanges.

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